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CITIZEN Mechanical BLUE NJ0155-87E

CITIZEN Mechanical BLUE NJ0155-87E

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Launched in 2021, in response to the popularity of Integrated Bracelet Watches, Citizen launched the NJ0150 series of watches, becoming one of the few options for entry-level Integrated Bracelet Watches.

Integrated Bracelet Watches
The biggest feature of Integrated Bracelet Watches is that the strap and case are designed in one piece, without obvious lugs. Due to the integrated line design, the Integrated Bracelet will not make people notice the dividing line between the case and the strap, and the whole watch gives people a more integrated feeling.

There are obvious sharp lines on the top and bottom of the watch case, and the front is decorated with brushed technology, which makes the watch more modern. In addition to polishing the bezel, a polished bevel is added between the side and the front of the watch to make the watch look more layered from the front. The arched three-bead strap is embedded in the central lug of the case, making the watch and strap more closely connected. Using Citizen's own movement 8210, the watch has both watch and hand winding functions. Each watch is also water resistant to 50 meters.

NJ0155 is the black plating version of NJ0150. The case of the watch is treated with black lithium plating, which makes the appearance mysterious and stylish. The face opted for black camouflage rather than all black to make the watch more interesting, with a stronger contrast between the face and the case.

brand history
CITIZEN was founded in 1918 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is a world-renowned watch brand. Its mission is to provide high-end products and high-level services to all citizens of the world. It hopes to use products that are "loved by citizens and close to citizens" .

The concept of CITIZEN lies in the integration of technology and beauty: while the watch expresses the correct time, it also shows fashion and personality, reflecting the wearer's life taste, values ​​and personality.

Another important product line of CITIZEN is its PROMASTER series. PROMASTER is a professional sports watch in the brand. It has officially entered its 30th anniversary since its launch in 1989. Therefore, CITIZEN has created land, sea, and sky for it. Three limited edition commemorative products with different themes. No matter what field the theme watch is, it maintains the brand's consistent strong functionality and sense of technology. For example, the "SKY" theme watch has the function of GPS satellite time synchronization, or the "Land Land" theme style has the height The measurement system, while "海MARINE" has a depth measurement function, through different exclusive functions, to achieve the conditions required to conquer each field.


Surface diameter: 40MM
Strap Width: N/A
Dial thickness: 11.7MM

Dial Color: camouflage black
Case Color: Stainless Steel Strap Color: Stainless Steel

Case Material: Stainless Steel Strap Material: Stainless Steel Glass Material: Sapphire Glass

Movement model: Citizen 8210 mechanical movement Waterproof depth: 5ATM/50 meters Product function: Date display, date magnifying glass Maintenance period: 3 years licensed maintenance

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