Collection: PAUL HEWITT Bracelets and Charms

The brand PAUL HEWITT from Germany has been famous in Europe since 2009 with its unique anchor bracelet. Different from other bracelet brands , PAUL HEWITT's bracelets are made of nylon and leather, with anti-sensitivity stainless steel anchor buckle. The simple design of the bracelet can highlight your personal taste. The bracelet of PAUL HEWITT is simple in design, and it will not violate the harmony when worn with accessories such as watches and rings. Since there are men's and women's styles of bracelets, in addition to buying for themselves, many people also choose bracelets for their spouse as couple styles.

In addition to bracelets, we have introduced PAUL HEWITT accessories to the Hong Kong market, including bracelets, necklaces, etc. PAUL HEWITT's bracelets and necklaces are divided into 925 sterling silver and stainless steel styles. Various accessories of PAUL HEWITT are also on sale in our store.

Lam Workshop is now introducing more than 50 styles of PAUL HEWITT bracelets , bracelets and other accessories to Hong Kong. Welcome to our store in Mongkok, Hong Kong to buy PAUL HEWITT Nordic accessories from Germany in person.