Collection: Quartz watches

Watches driven by batteries and using the piezoelectricity of quartz as a watch oscillator are called "Quartz Watches". Due to the stable vibration frequency and high accuracy of the quartz watch, it replaced the mechanical watch and became the mainstream watch style in the market after it was launched in the 1960s. Quartz watches are mainly divided into two types: pointer watches and jumping-type watches, which use gear trains to drive pointers and liquid crystal displays to display time numbers. Because the power required to drive the gears is greater, generally speaking, the power of the jumping quartz watch is more durable, and the battery life can reach 5 years or more. As for the battery life of an analog quartz watch, it is generally 2-3 years.

1. The error is small, and the error of most quartz watches is within +-15 seconds per month
2. Light and thin
3. Cheap price

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