Collection: KERBHOLZ

KERBHOLZ log watches come from Germany and were founded by several young Germans who love nature. They believe that fashion accessories can also be combined with concepts such as "environmental protection" and "nature". As early as 2012, they produced various log watches in a sustainable manner.

log design

Every KERBHOLZ log watch also uses natural wood as the raw material of the watch, including high-grade logs such as maple, rosewood and walnut. These selected woods have clear and rich textures, which make the watch elegant, fresh and natural when used on the dial or case.

In terms of design, KERBHOLZ watches inherit the greatest feature of German design, "functional beauty". Focusing on the design of reading time, each watch surface of KERBHOLZ brings users a simple and intuitive reading experience. Therefore, KERBHOLZ log watches have also won many design awards and nominations in Germany and internationally. For example, the Slim series is an honorable mention of the 2018 Reddot Award, and the Heinrich series won the 2018 German Design Award Special and so on.

Environmental friendly

In addition to the necessary movement materials, KERBHOLZ log watches use pure natural materials as much as possible to reduce the difficulty of decomposition. In addition, most of the materials used in watches are recycled materials, which reduces carbon emissions and pollution during production. Do your bit for the environment.