Collection: LIP

LIP watch from France is a watch brand with a long history in France. LIP was born in 1867 in Besançon, France. Through outstanding movement development, LIP soon became one of the most famous watch manufacturers in France. In WWI, LIP was selected as a special watch equipment manufacturer for the French army, providing the French army with matching watches for soldiers.

In 1952, LIP became the first watchmaker in Europe to launch an electronic watch. In 1967, LIP cooperated with Roger Tallon, a well-known French industrial designer, to launch the Mach 2000 series of electronic watches that subverted the traditional appearance. Today, on the streets of France, 90-year-old French old ladies to 20-year-old handsome young French men will also wear LIP, a well-known French brand. LIP is indeed the French favorite watch brand.