The Lam Workshop Story

For watch lovers

Starting point was established in January 2015. Lam Workshop started from the Instagram platform and established a watch store in the form of "IG Shop". With the support of local fans, "IG Shop" developed into a physical store.

Lam Workshop-Carrefour
There is now an upstairs store in Mongkok.
Dijun: Room 1630, 16th Floor, Carnival (Pak Yu), 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok (about 4 minutes walk from Yau Ma Tei Exit A2)

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Based in Hong Kong with an international outlook
Lam Workshop's sourcing team often scours the world for high-quality watch designs from different designers, including classic brands and more recent micro brands. In addition to hoping that customers will have new surprises every time they visit our store, we also hope to discover quality and sincere "relics from the sea".

service first
Lam Workshop's team is composed of a group of hospitable young people. We treat our customers as our friends, and we hope that every time our customers are in Lam Workshop, they can easily and comfortably browse and buy new watches.

Facing the future, Lam Workshop shoulders the responsibility of promoting traditional watches in Hong Kong by promoting them among young people and holding more different watch workshops.

Clocks may no longer be a necessity, but it is a kind of culture and a kind of inheritance.

Why choose LAM WORKSHOP?

LAM WORKSHOP from Hong Kong is an online watch store serving Hong Kong people. The brands sold include ORIENT, TIMEX, TACS, HYPERGRAND, AÃRK, AVI-8, FEDON, Rossling & Co., etc., which are all foreign independent watch brands that are popular in Hong Kong at present. LAM WORKSHOP only sells high-quality independent brands. We understand that the new generation loves to be different, so we have been creating a personalized watch, and ultimately hope that everyone's watch will be unique.

  • Only sell quality trendy watch brands
  • 30 days money back or exchange service
  • Hong Kong licensed watches, even Hong Kong official maintenance, do not take any risks
  • Original brand watch box packaging, gift or personal use
  • Loved by customers, 99% of customers will recommend to friends
  • More than 5,000 user likes and 28,000 user followers on social platforms