Collection: Skeleton watch

Skeleton in Chinese means to make the object have a transparent space through carving while still retaining the complete outline of the object. Among them, the hollowed out part focuses on showing the designed The engraved decoration allows the parts of the hollow watch to be displayed in a beautiful way, providing a higher ornamental value than ordinary watches. Skeleton watch is divided into hollow dial design and hollow movement.

Skeleton dial

Generally, it is common in entry-level hollow watches, and the movement mostly uses Open Heart mechanical movement, quartz movement or ordinary mechanical movement. Because the beauty of the movement is ordinary, the watchmaker uses the dial to cover most of the movement, and carves an appropriate amount of transparent positions on the dials of different levels to create a hollow watch design that only minimizes the movement. displayed. Since the hollow dial is cheaper than the hollow movement, it is easier to make and produce. Therefore, this type of design is generally seen in entry-level hollow watches.

Skeleton movement

Since the mechanical movement has more movements visible to the naked eye during operation, almost 99% of the skeleton movements are mechanical movements. This type of hollow watch tends to use a fully see-through dial, and the movement of various gears and mechanical parts is presented on the front or back of the watch as much as possible. also, High-end watches polish and carve various parts of the movement, including but not limited to splints and oscillating weights, to make the movement more beautiful and crafty. Of course, sometimes in order to match the design, there will also be a richly designed hollow dial with a hollow movement to achieve a higher level of artistic effect for the watch.