Collection: CITIZEN

Founded in 1918, CITIZEN is one of the most famous watch companies in the world. As one of the world's top ten movement manufacturers, CITIZEN's watchmaking strength is beyond doubt. CITIZEN can independently complete all processes from the manufacture of single components to the final assembly of watches. So far, CITIZEN Star Watch has repeatedly created a precedent, and has become a watchmaker with various revolutionary watchmaking technologies. A world leader in watchmaking. For example, Eco-Drive, a light-driven watch driven by environmentally friendly energy, super titanium materials that make watches stronger, and various new technologies that make watches more accurate, such as radio waves and satellites, truly achieve the name of "technical watchmaking". In addition to quartz watches, CITIZEN has also actively launched various entry-level and high-end mechanical watches in recent years, such as the 60-hour power reserve Kuroshio '64, various Promaster mechanical watches or Series 8, etc., give watch lovers more choices.