Olivia Burton到哪裡了? 為什麼Olivia Burton不再在香港出現

Where is Olivia Burton? Why is Olivia Burton no longer in Hong Kong

Olivia Burton is a fashion watch brand founded in London, England in 2012 . It was founded by two fashion buyers Jemma and Lesa . Olivia Burton achieved great success in a short period of time due to the brand's unique flower design and the market strategy of focusing on women's fashion trends, coupled with the popularity of minimalist watches at the time . In 2017 , Olivia Burton 's annual turnover reached 15 million pounds ( approximately HK$ 150 million ) .

Acquisitions in 2017
Taking a fancy to Olivia Burton 's rapid expansion in the UK, in 2017 , the American luxury watch group Movado Group acquired Olivia Burton for 60 million pounds ( approximately HK$ 600 million ) . In addition to Olivia Burton , Movado Group also acquired the American fashion watch brand MVMT in 2018 . MVMT watches are simple in design, good at online promotion, and the target market is also the younger generation . Therefore, we can speculate that Movado Group intends to take advantage of Olivia Burton and MVMT's online publicity to consolidate its influence among millennials. Movado Group 's final strategy may be to focus on online sales rather than offline physical store sales, so offline expansion is not their company's strategic focus.

real reason for disappearing
Even if it is acquired, Movado Group 's strategy to change the brand may not immediately make Olivia Burton disappear in Hong Kong. The real reason for the disappearance of Olivia Burton is that its general agent in Hong Kong - Unit Store closed down. With the closure of this chain store, several micro-brands represented by their company also disappeared in Hong Kong, including Olivia Burton, Paul Hewitt, MVMT, Rosefield, Bering and so on.

Alternatives to Olivia Burton

Since Daniel Wellington became popular in 2015 , a large number of miniature watch brands have sprung up in the market. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a watch like Olivia Burton among many micro-brands. However, if you are looking for a similar brand that has a physical store in Hong Kong, there are very few. Let Lin Tsai recommend the following micro-brands for everyone, so that you who like simple Nordic style can find your favorite watch.

Timex, a century-old American brand, is well known in the fashion watch industry. Its Fairfield Floral series is simple and decorated with flowers on the dial, and the price is cheap and easy to buy, but the flowers look a bit old-fashioned.

The American brand Fossil also has a Jacqueline series with three-dimensional flowers. Although the appearance is not as good as Olivia Burton , the simple design will immediately have a girlish heart when worn on the hand.

Paul Hewitt
The German brand Paul Hewitt injects fashionable marine elements into watches with the anchor design. The design of the watch is also based on the simplicity and freshness of the Nordic style, which presents a fashionable feeling when worn on the hand.

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