GMT都有分真假? Traveller’s GMT V.S. Office GMT

Is GMT true or false? Traveller's GMT VS Office GMT

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GMT Watch Basics: Traveller's GMT VS Office GMT

Perhaps Japanese watch manufacturers have noticed that travel bans around the world are gradually being lifted, and more and more countries do not need to be quarantined. In the middle of 2022, the two major Japanese watch giants Seiko and Citizen have launched GMT time watches. Seiko launched the affordable GMT dual-time watch with its entry-level series 5 Sports (commonly known as "No. 5"). And Citizen Star launched a higher-end Traveller's GMT watch Bulova Wilton GMT under its brand Bulova. This time Lin Tsai will introduce the difference between Traveller's GMT and Office GMT, and introduce the brand new Bulova Wilton GMT two-time watch.

Greenwich Mean Time Zone

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GMT dual time watch

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). There are different time zones in the world, and GMT is one of the standards to unify each time zone. On a watch, the GMT function refers to a watch that can display the time of two countries (/cities) at the same time. Most GMT watches have a scale of 1-24 hours on the bezel position, and the watch has an additional GMT pointer pointing to the scale on the outer ring (sometimes the inner ring) as a second time zone display. The original hour and minute hands display the time in the first time zone (local).
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Traveller's GMT VS Office GMT

GMT is divided into Traveller's GMT and Office GMT. Traveller's GMT, which is more common in the high-end market, refers to the hour hand that the watch can directly set the local time, which is more convenient for business travelers who travel frequently. The Office GMT will directly adjust the GMT hand when adjusting the GMT, and cannot adjust the local hour hand alone without moving the GMT hand. If it is necessary to adjust the time in the first time zone, the user needs to adjust the GMT hand first, and then adjust the time in the first time zone, which is more troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, the pricing ratio of Traveller's GMT has always been higher than that of Office GMT.
Traveller's GMT(Bulova Wilton GMT) V.S. Office GMT(Seiko 5 Sports GMT)

Bulova Wilton GMT

The Wilton GMT watch launched by Bulova in 2022 is a Traveller's GMT dual time watch. The watch has a diameter of 43mm and is equipped with a Miyota 9075 GMT movement, which is based on the Miyota 9 series movement with the GMT function added, so the frequency of the balance wheel reaches 28800vph. The GMT function of the watch allows the watch to display the time in two places. There is a date display at 3 o'clock. In the center of the dial is the world map, which is displayed in different patterns of the same color, which will not make the dial too messy. The GMT scale of the watch is displayed on the inner shadow circle, and day and night are divided into two different colors, which shows the intention of Bulova's design.
Bulova-Wilton GMT 96B385, 97B210

In the picture are Bulova's 96B385 and 97B210 respectively

Epilogue: Bulova Wilton GMT vs Seiko 5 Sports

After all, there are still very few choices of high-quality GMT dual-time watches below HKD $5000 in the market. So the Seiko 5 Sports GMT watch, even an Office GMT is enough to make it immediately noticed by the market. The rival Citizen Xingchen launched a Bulova Wilton GMT watch priced at HKD 7400 in its brand Bulova at about the same time, equipped with the Miyota 9075 GMT movement newly developed by the Citizen factory. It is quite Buddhist. Although both are GMT watches, one is the higher-end Traveller's GMT and the other is the affordable Office GMT.
Compulsory quarantine and medical surveillance to the "3+4" model
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When Lin Tsai wrote this article, the compulsory quarantine in Hong Kong had just switched to the "3+4" model, and it seemed that the 7-day home quarantine or no quarantine was not far away. If you are about to travel or even plan to travel, which GMT watch will you choose as your good partner for traveling around the world?

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