[Black Rainstorm‧Watch Promotion] The most waterproof equipment for entry-level diving watches for reworkers

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Finally, the first black rainstorm warning signal in 2021 came today. I believe that many wage earners rushed out early in the morning, and were beaten by the merciless rain before they had time to "be informed". If you wear a non-waterproof watch or a leather watch when you go out today, today is definitely your unlucky day. Stepping into the rainy season, instead of reading the weather report before getting ready to go out, it is better to change to a waterproof diving watch to accompany you through this rainy season.

Orient-Kamasu AA0004EOrient-Kamasu AA0002L

Orient Kamasu : Japanese entry-level diving watch with many color choices

Orient Kamasu is the only diving watch with a sapphire crystal lens in the many entry-level series. In addition to basic functions such as time and date display, Kamasu has a wide choice of design colors, including black gold, blue, red, green and so on. So it’s no wonder that the Kamasu is Orient’s best-selling range of entry-level dive watches.

Giorgio Fedon 1919 - Aquamarine II Rose Green

Giorgio Fedon 1919 Aquamarine II : High performance with waterproof leather

Today, the functionality of a watch is more important than ever. In particular, the waterproofing of the strap is often concerned by watch fans. As a result, the second generation of Aquamarine uses a waterproof leather strap in cooperation with 3M. Technological advancements balance the appearance and durability of the strap. In addition, the watch has a protection device at the three o'clock position. This device makes it difficult for the crown to break or be pulled out, and it also ensures that the time will not be adjusted incorrectly. Coupled with the "sandwich noodles" filled with a lot of luminous materials and 200 meters of water resistance, it is also a trivial matter to face rainy days.

Giorgio Fedon 1919 - Aquamarine II Black

Of course, in addition to waterproof leather straps, the Aquamarine series also has the option of natural rubber straps.


Orient Star-Diver 200m AU0303B

Orient Star Sport Diver 200M : ISO international standard Japanese award-winning design

Compared with the other two introduced, the Orient Star Sport 200M Diver is the one with the highest specifications. The watch complies with ISO diving watch specifications. In addition to the 125% water pressure test, it has also passed the impact force, anti-magnetic, anti-rust, and temperature resistance tests, which are very strict. In addition, this style was awarded the Good Design Award in 2019, which is a highly recognized design award in Japan. If it is it, even a black rainstorm is definitely not afraid!

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