Where do cheap Orient watches come from? I will teach you how to buy genuine oriental watches.

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Hello everyone. I'm Lin Tsai from Lam Workshop. This time, I will share where the cheap Orient watches on the market come from, and I will also teach you how to deal with genuine licensed watches, parallel imports and "building block watches".

Parallel imports Orient watch

In the past, Orient was represented by Jiuji. They set up their own stores and have strict checks on watch stores that can sell licensed goods. Therefore, licensed oriental watches were rarely seen outside the street in the past, and most of the oriental watches sold in small watch shops were parallel imports. Parallel imports mean that watches are bought directly from foreign wholesalers/retailers at a lower price. For example, if you buy an Oriental watch in Japan, or buy it at a price difference in Southeast Asia, you can buy it at a relatively low price. These parallel imports are actually licensed products from other regions, and they are also authentic products. However, parallel imports are not maintained in Hong Kong, so they are not very popular with the public. In the old shops in Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan District, Hung Hom District, or other old districts, the oriental watches they sell are generally parallel imported watches.

Features of the old watch shop that sells parallel imports of Orient watches:
1. The clerk will directly say that the watch is a parallel import, and it can be maintained at the store where it was purchased, and it can be repaired by a master in its own store.
2. The price is 10-15% lower than licensed products (the difference between maintenance and no maintenance)
3. There is a chance to find treasure, some Japanese version of Orient
4. Most of the styles are very old and old-fashioned, and it is rare to find popular styles, such as Sun & Moon

However, buying parallel imports is still reserved for experienced watch players. Because in terms of maintenance and repair, licensed products are more secure. For example, if a watch needs replacement parts, a licensed Orient watch can be sent to a designated repair center and repaired with original parts shipped to Hong Kong by Orient Japan. However, watch shops in the market may not have complete parts, and there is a high chance of using substitute parts to replace the original parts.

block table

The second type is "building block table" , I hope you will not encounter it!

In the past two years, Facebook's advertising has been mixed. Products of many well-known brands will be sold at half the price of the so-called "group buying price", such as Apple's Airpod, Dyson's hair dryer, etc., and many netizens have been tricked. Recently, it was discovered that some half-price Oriental watches were sold on auction websites or some independent websites. They said they had a store in Sham Shui Po. Moreover, it is shameless to claim that the half-price Orient watches are licensed in Hong Kong, insisting that the watches have licensed maintenance, but these "licensed watches" cannot be brought to the repair center of Orient in Hong Kong for repairs, they can only be brought to them Watch shop! In order to verify, I not only went to their Sham Shui Po store for inspection, but also inquired with the general agent of Orient in Hong Kong. It turned out that these oriental watches were sold at a price that even parallel imports could not buy.

So where do their watches come from? Why are the prices so cheap? Ask some watch experts and old-timers for advice. It turns out that some people in the industry have always built second-hand parts into "building block watches" !

Building block watches refer to watches that use second-hand parts or non-original parts to build a new watch case. Orient watches have a certain history. It is not difficult to find second-hand cores/second-hand parts to remove and install them on new cases. As a consumer, if you buy a watch back, no matter how cheap it is, it will cost a thousand or hundreds. But these unscrupulous dealers want you to eat second-hand parts that have been around for several years.

fake watch

In addition, in addition to the building block watch, it is more likely to be a fake watch. Because of a Japanese movement, the purchase price ranges from USD 30 - 60 . The price of a mainland movement of a similar style is only one-tenth of the price of a Japanese movement ! As long as unscrupulous businessmen have a way to buy a brand new watch case, and then build a brand new oriental watch by themselves, they can sell it at half the price of licensed goods. Consumers, the profit in the middle is also unimaginably high ...

These watch shops use auction sites and Facebook ads to promote, and the stores are only in the form of temporary leases. If they are found to have problems in the future, they can leave the watch industry and engage in other types of business. Therefore, the important point is really not afraid to mention it to everyone. The real licensed products can definitely be taken to the repair center of the Hong Kong Oriental Watch distributor in Sheung Wan, not just their store that can be closed at any time ! Even if it is as cheap as Casio watches Or as expensive as Rolex watches, there are also unscrupulous businessmen in China who make high imitations that are close to the real ones. Of course, Orient is no exception.

Orient-Sun & Moon AK00001Y Style

Ways to Buy Licensed Orient Watches

In fact, since 2018, Orient's agency has changed hands. In Hong Kong, more and more large and small watch shops can buy licensed Oriental watches. Most licensed watch stores have discounts, and they are very competitive compared to parallel imports. It is definitely a good choice to buy an Oriental watch for the first time.

Let me teach you a few tricks on how to distinguish the real one. The methods are as follows.

1. Price is always the best way to judge. If there are 2-3 rooms that sell for $3200-$2800 (the price of licensed goods will not be too far apart, I have been to Tai X jewelry and clocks for about $400 , and they can all eat buffets), and suddenly there is a room that sells for $1500 . Department of ghosts should be seriously considered.

2. Genuine licensed products can be taken to the repair center of Orient in Hong Kong at any time for repair, and there is absolutely no need to send them back to the store where they were purchased. Stop it, you can take it to the repair center / other stores, it is conceivable ...

3. Now the shops that sell genuine products will display a certificate of genuine products to prove that you have not bought fake products / block watches / parallel imports. Go to Rendijianpu, you might as well look for it.

4.  If you want to check whether a certain store sells licensed products, it is most direct to contact LDI, the general agent of Orient Watches.
LDI Inquiry Hotline : 2167 8779 (Office Hour)

Having said that, I don’t want everyone to lose money. Most parallel imports have no original factory maintenance. If you buy a fake watch / building block watch, it’s really useless. Therefore, before buying a watch, you really need to do your homework, and don’t be greedy for cheap. I'm Lin Tsai from Lam Workshop. I hope the article helps you, and you can also buy licensed Oriental watches in our Lam Workshop if necessary.


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