"Three-proof" watch Orient M-Force is the first choice for outdoor sports mechanical watches

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As Orient's flagship outdoor sports watch, M-Force is equipped with the strongest three-proof, "waterproof", "shockproof" and "antimagnetic" functions. Especially since last year, the public price of M-Force has dropped from more than 8,000 to about 5,000. It is self-evident that the cost performance is high. Of course, there are many watches with higher specifications than it in the world, but are you willing to spend hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of yuan to buy a watch specially worn during outdoor activities?

orient-m-force watches

water proof

ORIENT has always been hailed as a "cost-effective" brand. One of the reasons is that most advanced diving watches, including the M-Force series, will pass the ISO 6425 Divers' watches certification. It has to be said that at the same price, there are very few brands that will send watches for certification.

The relaunched M-Force in 2020 is ISO 6425 certified. However, due to changes in the design of the bezel, the bezel of the new M-Force watch in 2021 replaced the chronograph bezel of the traditional diving watch with "ESWN" and thus gave up the ISO 6425 certification . However, the waterproof structure of the two generations of M-Force is the same. Under such a high standard, the 20 Bar waterproof ability of the 2021 M-Force is definitely beyond doubt.

The watch is water-resistant to about 200 meters. In addition to the waterproof design of the screw handle and the screw-type bottom cover, the steel belt of this series is a special steel belt for diving.

ISO 1413 Shockproof

M-Force is designed for outdoor activities. In order to make the watch more suitable for use in outdoor environments, M-Force has passed the shockproof ISO 1413. Not only because of their strong case, but the internal movement support and boost spring prevent the parts of the watch from shifting or even breaking in the event of a shock.

orient-mforce protection shield maintenance cover

The content of ISO 1413 certification includes passing the one-meter vertical drop test and the impact test of a 3Kg heavy hammer on the side of the watch. The daily error of the watch can still be maintained at 60 seconds per day. In this rigorous test, M-Force demonstrated the extraordinary shock resistance of the watch.

ISO 764 Antimagnetic

Living in modern times, we are surrounded by electronic devices. However, these electronic devices will generate strong magnetism, which puts mechanical watches at risk of being magnetized. An important part in a mechanical watch - the hairspring, controls the time of the watch through scaling activities. However, after the hairspring is magnetized, the zoom range is narrowed, and the time of the watch will become faster and faster. According to international standards, an antimagnetic watch must be able to withstand a magnetic field of 4800A/m to be considered qualified. And M-Force passed the ISO 764, that is, M-Force has an error of no more than 30 seconds after a magnetic field close to 4800A/m. It is a real antimagnetic watch. Therefore, if you wear M-Force in daily life, even if it is only 5cm away from electronic products, the accuracy of the watch will not be affected by the magnetic field.

The functionality of Orient M-Force does not speak for itself. The watch has passed ISO 764 anti-magnetic and ISO 1413 anti-shock respectively. Both the 200- meter and sapphire mirror make M-Force more resistant to most outdoor environments. After all, not everyone is willing to wear a functional watch worth hundreds of thousands of dollars while climbing, diving, or skiing. If you want to buy a "mechanical watch" that can accompany you to the mountains and seas with the least budget , M-Force is the most suitable.

Every school and faction has its own rugged watch, today I just introduce Orient’s rugged watch. Have you ever owned a three-proof watch? You may wish to leave a message and tell me. I'm Lin Tsai from Lam Workshop. I hope the article can help you. If you have other inquiries, please leave a message below.

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