Do you want to buy an Orient watch at 10,000 points? Because it is an Orient Star AV0111L

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Buy an Oriental watch for 10,000 yuan, have you seen it?

In the eyes of most people, Orient is a cost-effective entry-level mechanical watch brand. In everyone's perception, the price of Orient's watches is below $5000. That being the case, why are there still so many people buying an Oriental watch for 10,000 yuan?

It turned out that they bought this 10,000 yuan watch from Dongfang Sheng! No, Orient Star "Orient Star" is correct. Orient Star is the high-end line of Orient Watch. A small number of top Dongfang watches use Dongfang's strongest self-made movement F7. In addition to grinding, it is superior in all aspects of pressure and shock absorption. The daily error of F7 is +15/-5 seconds per day! (For your reference, the error of general entry-level Japanese mechanical watches is +30/-25 seconds, and the error of watches certified by the Observatory over 10,000 yuan is +6/-4 seconds)

This Dongfangxing Modern Skeleton series AV0111L watch has placed a very Signature device of Dongfang - Power Reserve Indicator. The fan shape below 12 o'clock indicates the remaining power time of your watch, allowing you to fully grasp the rhythm of winding. The round sub-dial above 6 o'clock is the second hand, which is designed together with the Open Heart (opening window) at 9 o'clock and the LOGO at 3 o'clock on the dial, which is very delicate but not out of balance.

The biggest difference between Orient and Orient Star is that the watch movements of Orient Star are all polished by hand. It turns out that many high-end movements are beautiful and expensive because of the oscillating weight, splint, and even the decorative polishing on each part. However, Orient presents the hand-carved craftsmanship on Orient Star at a price beyond imagination. (Of course, the degree of careful grinding is absolutely difficult to compare with traditional Swiss watch brands)

Orient Star-Modern Skeleton AV0111LOrient Star-Modern Skeleton AV0111LGet started

Seeing this, all senior brothers and sisters may think to themselves: "The Oriental Star is indeed attractive, but I really can't afford 10,000 yuan!" In fact, not every Oriental Star costs 10,000 yuan. It seems that the price of Orient Star's Modern Skeleton limited edition RE-AV0111L00B is $5580 (because it uses the F6 movement, the daily error is +25/-20 seconds). And the combination of blue and gold is really noble. If you are looking for a watch to wear to work, Orient Star is indeed suitable for most friends who need Formal and Smart Casual for work.

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