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CITIZEN was founded in 1918 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is a world-renowned watch brand. Its mission is to provide high-end products and high-level services to all citizens of the world. It hopes to use products that are "loved by citizens and close to citizens" .

【Top Technology Gathering】 THE CITIZEN

Since 1995, CITIZEN has created a high-quality, high-precision watch named The CITIZEN for the purpose of inheriting the essence of watchmaking craftsmanship, bringing together various top technologies within the CITIZEN Group.

extremely high precision

Since 1995, The CITIZEN launched the first quartz expression annual error ±5 seconds, setting a high precision standard for The CITIZEN. By 2011, this high precision standard continued to the light kinetic energy movement. The light kinetic energy A010 movement was launched in 2011, and the convenient light kinetic energy technology combined with the annual error High accuracy of ±5 seconds. This brand new movement brings more advantages to The CITIZEN watches, which are both accurate and easy to use. In 2015, the A060 light kinetic energy movement was launched, which can turn the second hand into a power indicator and make the design of the dial more concise.

Traditional Washi Craft

In order to convert the light through the dial into the kinetic energy of the watch, The CITIZEN uses washi paper as the dial. Through the washi paper on the dial, the watch can show the unique texture effect under different light and shadow, and at the same time, let the light pass through the dial into the equipped light kinetic energy movement. Washi has been used in Japan for hundreds of years and is often used on sliding doors and floor lamps. The CITIZEN explores the use of thin and tough "Mayfly Wings" than ordinary Japanese paper "Mayfly Wings" are even thinner, only 0.02mm thick, but they are not easy to break.

Lightweight, strong and wear-resistant

The CITIZEN watch uses Duratect-treated Super Titanium™ (Super Titanium™). Titanium is light and skin-friendly, so it is often used as a watch case. Among them, the CITIZEN Group developed Super Titanium™ is the surface hardening treatment Duratect on titanium metal, which makes the case of the watch more than 5 times harder than stainless steel. After wearing for a long time, the watch can still keep beautiful as new.

four Seasons

The watch uses the Japanese national technique of "borrowing scenery" (shakkei) to bring four seasons to your life. The " shakkei " used in Japanese gardens is an aesthetic technique in garden art. Through a window facing the garden, people living indoors have a greater sense of space, and also integrate the natural scenery of the residence and the garden. . The CITIZEN takes the four seasons as the theme, and turns each piece into a window of the four seasons, so that your life can be integrated with the changes of the four seasons.

•With original CITIZEN box, can be given as a gift or for personal use
• Hong Kong licensed product, even 3 years Hong Kong official warranty
• Free delivery to designated residential addresses in Hong Kong, SF Express stations in various districts, SF Express smart cabinets and convenience stores
• 30 days money back or exchange service

Surface diameter: 38.3MM
Strap Width: N/A
Dial thickness: 12.2MM

Dial color: gray (cloud dragon and paper)
Case Color: Silver
Strap colour: black

Case Material: Titanium Strap Material: Alligator Leather Strap Glass Material: Anti-reflective Coated Sapphire Surface

Movement Model: Citizen A060 Eco-Drive Movement Water Resistance: 10 bar/100m Product Features: Date Display , Super Titanium , Insufficient battery indication function, perpetual calendar, power saving function, made in Japan, limited to 250 pieces
Warranty period: 3 years licensed warranty



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