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ORIENT STAR Modern Skeleton 2022 Limited Edition RE-AV0120L

ORIENT STAR Modern Skeleton 2022 Limited Edition RE-AV0120L

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The Japanese watch brand ORIENT was founded in 1950 by Mr. Yoshida Shogoro. Orient Watch is one of the three major mechanical watch brands in Japan and a well-known mechanical watch brand in Japan.

The style of ORIENT mechanical watch

The traditional Japanese watch style is a design that pursues simplicity and practicality, and tends to be similar to the style of German watches. However, ORIENT has a wider design style than other Japanese brands. It has simple and easy-to-read mechanical watches, such as the calendar-based ORIENT Bambino series, with clear scales and hands, and a simple style, which is a watch that retains the Japanese style. There are also "Western-style" mechanical watches, such as the ORIENT Sun and Moon series with sun and moon phase functions, and various decorative studs and patterns on the surface. Therefore, you can see that compared with other brands, ORIENT pays more attention to its style design, rich dial decoration, more diversified strap choices, and the overall style is closer to European style. If you believe in the quality of Japanese watches, but prefer a rich and gorgeous surface for a relatively simple appearance, ORIENT mechanical watches are definitely your ideal choice.

Future development of ORIENT

In recent years, ORIENT has continuously launched many high-quality products for overseas markets, showing the high-level technology of Japanese watches. It puts more resources in the development of ORIENT's high-level line ORIENT STAR. ORIENT STAR not only has more and more styles, but also develops several different new series. For example, ORIENT STAR's Diver 200M is a diving watch style that has obtained multiple international and Japanese watch certifications.

If you believe in the quality of Japanese watches and want to have more diversified style choices, you may wish to try OREINT watches, which we sincerely recommend.

[The color of sky and sea] 2022 Orient Star Moving Blue Limited Edition

Orient Star is a brand established by Orient for high-end watchmaking. Every September, Orient Star will launch a limited edition, which has become a must-have for Orient watch fans. This year, Orient Star also uses the theme of Moving Blue to launch the color of connecting the sea and the sky. Based on Modern Skeleton, Semi Skeleton 39mm and Semi Skeleton 30mm, each watch is infused with the color of the sea and sky at dawn.

Orient Star

The watch is inspired by the seaside at dawn, depicting the situation when the sun rises, a layer of hazy golden yellow covers the emerald green sea water and the deep blue night sky. The rose gold color of the watch bezel symbolizes the rising sun, and the dial changes from dark blue on the periphery to emerald green in the center, which is exactly the color connecting the sky and the sea.

Limited to 900 pieces

In fact, since 2018 , the limited edition of Modern Skeleton launched by Orient Star will almost always be out of stock in a short period of time. In particular, the 2,000 -piece limited edition of the 2019 Moving Blue themed watch sold out quickly in the world market, proving that Orient Star definitely has a certain popularity. In 2022 this year, Orient Star will further reduce the number of limited edition models, from the initial 2,000 pieces to 900 pieces this year, further increasing the thirst for watches.

Modern Skeleton

Modern Skeleon is the ace series in Orient Star . The watch rarely uses a modern-style hollow design with a small three-hand. Designers put in all their effort to make the watch a rich and balanced layout. The scales and hands of the watch are a mixture of brushed and polished. The fine grinding technology makes the watch dazzling from a distance. The diameter of the watch is 41mm , and the case and strap are made of 316L stainless steel. The lens uses an anti-reflective sapphire mirror, and the dial is polished and even the details of the movement are clearly visible. There is 100 meters of water resistance. The F6F44 movement it carries provides a power reserve of 50 hours and is displayed at 12 o'clock, allowing you to keep track of the operation of the watch. This time, Modern Skeleton Moving Blue "The Color of Sea and Sky" is limited to 900 pieces.


Surface diameter: 41MM
Strap width: 21MM
Dial thickness: 12MM

Dial color: Gradient from blue on the periphery to green in the center Case color: Stainless steel

Strap color: stainless steel color

Case Material: Stainless Steel Strap Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Mirror material: anti-reflective sapphire anti-wear mirror

Movement model: Orient F6F44
Water resistance: 10ATM/100 meters Product features: Limited to 900 pieces worldwide, made in Japan, power reserve display, manual winding Maintenance period: 2 years licensed maintenance

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