Mee Punisher & Lam Workshop

Valentine's Day Early Bird Offer!

5% off + free laser engraving on February 7-10, 2023

3% off on February 11-16, 2023

Use the promo code Mee to enjoy a 5% discount on purchases of $500 or more on February 7-10, and then give you free laser engraving once (you need to add it to the shopping cart yourself: select "Buy a new watch"). For details, please Whatsapp +852 94586821 .

Note that due to the Laser takes time. If the product will be purchased before 3pm on February 10, the product will be sent out or available for pickup that night. If purchased after 3pm on February 10, the product will be shipped or available for pickup on the evening of February 13.

From February 11th to 16th, you can also get a 3% discount when you spend over $500 and use the promo code MEE.

Buy early and enjoy early, don't miss the discounts offered by LAM WORKSHOP and MEE, remember to use the promo code Mee . Buy now!